15/9 - Lub Dub Baby Handmade & the launch of our new Keepsake Christmas Stockings

Here we are…2 weeks into September and time going faster than ever.
A few months ago I started sewing Baby Blankets - with significant delays in the
production of our clothing range it was a way for me to continue to be creative in the business while not a whole lot was going on.

Then the Pop Up Shop came up, and through the process of setting that up I just never really got around to putting the blankets up online.

I think I was also a little nervous to put something out there that I had made myself. I was (and am) really proud of them, I know they are beautiful, but I was worried that I would spend time photographing them, adding them to the website, advertising them and then there'd be little or no response.

Being exclusively online can be tricky like that. You don’t get a person walking into a store saying ‘gosh, this is beautiful’ and just buying it!! You could have 20 comments on an IG post with people saying they love something, but not a single sale. And I get it. I get wanting to see something in real life. To touch it…feel the fabric, see the colours, the quality.
Any-hoo, with the opening of the Pop Up, people did see the blankets in real life. They did love them. I have sold heaps of them…and desperately need to make more coz I’m almost out of stock.

It gave me a much needed boost to my confidence. To hear that feedback, and know that people saw quality and beauty in my handmade items was just the push I needed to own the fact that I can do this! 

So recently, when I started to see small businesses gearing up for Christmas, and I was already thinking about making some more handmade items for the Pop Up, Christmas Stockings just made sense!

And so our Keepsake Christmas Stockings were born, and boy do I love them!

Online now, and just the first piece in our Lub Dub Baby Handmade Collection ( I still need to add those blankets!!), I truly hope you see the magic in these beautiful handmade Christmas heirlooms like I do.

As always,
Thank you so much for your support