Breastfeeding Tea Co, Nature Folk (Bathe & Brew) and Being Skin Care

22/7/21 – Breastfeeding Tea Co, Nature Folk (Bathe & Brew) and Being Skin Care

When I first opened Lub Dub Baby, it was always with the idea in mind that I would eventually move into manufacturing my own clothing range for the business; but along with that, I wanted to have a full range of products for babies and mothers that would complement these pieces.

I had a picture in my head of what I wanted my store to be like. I wanted natural and organic bath/skin products for babies, I wanted self-care care items for Mumma. I wanted people to be able to find a product that was beautiful (that also worked!) that might not always be easy to find in traditional baby stores or pharmacies.

And so, I set out to find the things that I would have loved for my own babies and post-partum journey.

I now stock The Breastfeeding Tea Co, an amazing Australian business with a range of teas designed for the postpartum mother. All their teas are caffeine free, vegan and 100% organic, with blends created by a naturopath to support Lactation, ease Colic or promote self-care with their delicious Mama Tea.

I found Nature Folk (formally Bathe and Brew) a local South Australian business that makes herbal bath blends, including Baby, Be Calm; A herbal bath tea, made with organic botanicas, this blend uses the calming aroma of lavender, chamomile and rose to set a magical scene to capture the precious moments of your babies first baths.

After some searching, I found the Being Skincare. We stock the Bootie and Boobie Balm, along with their super versatile Being Balm which can be used on anything from eczema to scratches, minor burns, or bites. With a huge range of skin products on the market, I wanted to find something that worked and that contained carefully chosen and sourced ingredients so that mothers could use these without fear of what they were putting on their, or their new babies’ bodies.

These small Australian businesses pour so much love and care into each single item that they send out their doors and their products reflect this. They, like us, do this because they are so passionate about their craft. We love being able to stock these amazing products and support small Australian business!